At LSW, we offer a range of specialized services to help you harness the full potential of Infrastructure As Code (IaC) using AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). Our expert consulting services are designed to streamline your cloud infrastructure, automate your development processes, and ensure scalability, security, and efficiency. Take a look at our key services below:

Legacy Cloud Resource Conversion

Are you still relying on outdated and manually managed cloud resources? Our team excels at converting legacy infrastructure into CDK, allowing you to take advantage of the latest advancements in IaC. We’ll seamlessly migrate your existing resources to CDK, enabling you to manage your infrastructure as code and leverage the benefits of automation, repeatability, and scalability.

DevOps Pipeline Automation

Building a robust and efficient software delivery pipeline is crucial for any organization. Our DevOps experts will architect and implement end-to-end automation for your code building, testing, security testing, and deployment processes. By incorporating industry-leading tools and best practices, we ensure rapid, reliable, and secure software delivery, accelerating your time to market and enhancing overall quality.

CDK Construct Design

Developing complex cloud infrastructure can be challenging, but with our expertise in CDK construct design, we simplify the process and enable you to build robust, reusable, and scalable infrastructure components. Our team will design CDK constructs tailored to your specific needs, incorporating best practices and proven architectural patterns. With our constructs, you’ll achieve consistency, modularity, and efficiency in your infrastructure code, saving time and effort in future projects.

Professional Training

We believe in empowering professionals to master the art of Infrastructure As Code and AWS CDK. Our comprehensive training programs provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in deploying and managing cloud infrastructure using CDK. Whether you’re an individual developer or a team seeking to upskill, our training sessions cover everything from CDK fundamentals to advanced topics, enabling you to become proficient in IaC and unleash the full potential of AWS.

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Each of our services is tailored to meet your unique requirements and driven by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer success. Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your AWS infrastructure and propel your business forward with the power of CDK and Infrastructure As Code.