Screen Saver Gallery Auto-Start for Windows

Screen Saver Gallery Auto-Start for Windows

Screen Saver Gallery (v2.1.1) can finally auto-start after inactivity!

To enable this feature you need to install a helper file.

  1. Determine your system type

    • ⊞ Start > Settings > System > About
      System Type
    • 64-bit, x64-based is the most common
  2. Download the Helper File for your system type

  3. Double click on the file

    • If it opens Screen Saver Gallery, go to step 4
    • Otherwise go to the Troubleshooting section.
  4. Move the downloaded file to C:\Windows\System32

  5. ⊞ Start > Type: Change screen saver > Enter

    Change Screen Saver

  6. Select Screen Saver Gallery

    • Use the Settings button to select which galleries you want to use
    • Configure how many minutes to wait before running the screen saver
    • Click OK

Congratulations - you are done!


  • At this time the app only works on a single monitor. If you have multiple monitors only 1 will be used
  • When uninstalling Screen Saver Gallery, you will also need to remove C:\Windows\System32\Screen Saver Gallery.scr


Try one of the other download options - x64 is the most common format but you can try each until you find one that works.

Windows Smart Screen is preventing me from opening the file

  • Right-click on the downloaded file and click Properties
  • Check the Unblock checkbox and click OK