Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save an image?

Yes, use the Download button in the top tool bar to download the current image.

Can I set an image as my Lock Screen?

Yes, use the Lockscreen button in the toolbar to set the current image as your lockscreen.

What should I do when the photo is bad quality?

Photos are user submitted, and occasionally are some bad quality photos. Please use the Dislike button in the toolbar to report the photo. The photo will immediately banned for you, and we will review if it needs to be banned for everyone.

Do you own these photos?

No, Liandra Softworks LLC does not own these photos. These photos are submitted by and hosted on the reddit and imgur communities. Screen Saver Gallery uses the official imgur APIs to search and serve up the highest quality photos.

Can I use these photos on my blog/page/etc.?

Please review the imgur policies. Liandra Softworks LLC does not host or own these photos and cannot grant permission for their use.

Can I report copyrighted content?

If you are the copyright owner, please let us show which photo to remove and we will ban it on Screen Saver Gallery immediately. We will give you the imgur photo ID so you can report the complaint there also. All photos are hosted and distributed by imgur.

I still need help!

If you still have a question, please send it over via Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment on this site.

About the Developer

I love to code. When I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor like Edison or Tesla. Building software is that for me. Each project has it’s own obstacles and the output is unique in some way. I invent little logic mechanisms all day long. I am a digital inventor.
- Ivan Bliskavka